Hundreds Dead in UK Grenfell Tower Fire

The Daily Mail has removed a headline declaring what everybody knows: that hundreds of people are likely to have died in the Grenfell fire bungle.

The UK government probably decided that the population is not ready for the truth. After all, among the first responders on the scene was a brigade of riot police, complete with riot shields. A clever PR person managed to get the press to publish a photograph of one riot policeman holding his shield in the air to protect fire fighters. I doubt that was their primary role.

The government needs time to prepare its narrative.
It wants to break the story to the public gently. To let the first horrified reaction soften into a resigned sympathy for the victims.

Residents say that 600 people lived in the Grenfell Tower. As it as public housing, RBKC, the Kensington and Chelsea council also knows how many people lived there. The fire happened at night, not during the day when people might have been at work.

The fire service reports about 17 victims and about 70 people in hospital.

The government may justly wish to calm the population. The press does not have to act as the information arm of the government.

The "Hundreds Dead" headline has been removed. The only reference now available is couched in the words, "could be".