The US political radio host Michael (Weiner) Savage is banned by the accident-prone UK Interior Minister Jacqui Smith.

Listen to what Michael Wiener-Savage says before you accept her dictat.

Savage is controversial but not unique. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez having a bit of an issue with Jews - just Google it.

President Barak Obama calling for a civilian national security force, a group of brown shirts, with equal powers to the military.

Clearly, there is a New World Order in which someone who says what governments in the UK and the US don't want to hear, is placed on a watch list.

Listen to Michael Savage and make up your own mind.
I am not prepared to go away, and simply say that Jacqui Smith is a bit silly. She is supposed to be the Interior Minister of a country which has a seat on the UN Security Council, Nato, the European Commission etc, etc.

Jacqui Smith may be a poodle but the British security aparatus knows what is it trying to achieve. The British civil service has instigated 60 measures, made law through 27 Acts of Parliament, in just 10 years, each of which repeals or limits a fundamental English freedom.

We are told this doesn't matter because out leaders are careful, intelligent, would never misuse these powers.

And then Jacqui Smith, orders the arrest of a British Member of Parliament, a Deputy, for challenging her lies, when it turns out that the UK government has no idea how many illegal immigrants are working in the country...

... and lumps a straight-talking radio journalist alongside mass murderers.. yet leaves the leader of North Korea or Venezuela free to come and go as they please.

I put my hand up and doubt the sanity and/or intelligence of a key member of the British government. Do I get arrested for that?

I don't want an ignorant mediocrity representing my country or running a bank.. though I know I won't win this one.

So just listen to the voice that the UK government wants to ban, and remember that they also wanted to ban George Orwell for speaking truth unto nations.. something the BBC does not.

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