It is almost too soon to give an unemotional response to the revelations of routine sex abuse by appointees, officers, members and employees of the Catholic church in Ireland.

The Irish Times covers the story honourably, while the Independent seems to minimise the story.

Let's remember that the problem is not Ireland's. It is the church and many institutions besides.


Paedophilia runs to the highest levels of society. Five hundred years after the Spanish occupation of the Netherlands, it was the descendent of the Spanish governor, the Duke of Alba, who was fiddling with children in what his family must have considered their hunting grounds.

In Britain, the Chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, an MP now Lord Greville Janner, was named by a boy at a children's home in Leicestershire as a frequent, abusing visitor. The press reported Janner's name, accidentally.

I remembered his name because one of my schoolboy contemporaries, on a trip to the House of Commons in 1977, disappeared for five hours in the company of Mr Janner, who entertained the child in the Commons' tea room. I thought at the time this to be a strange, homosexual oddity. The brief naming of Janner, later expunged from the press, confirmed my suspicions.

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The Irish investigation into nationwide, endemic, high-level, child abuse took 10 years to result in a published report. The cost, 70 Million euro. The establishment, having refused to investigate the case for so long, decided to profit from it. Corruption piled upon abuse.

As one comment to the London Times put it, "Sex Abuse in the catholic church is a misnomer. What is and has been for centuries is "Systemic Homosexual Grooming" shades of the roots of Catholic theology via Plato, Aristotle, Greek mainly {Spartan} philosophy. The church is rotting from the inside out. That is why the coverup term pedophilia, when in fact it is pederasty and ephobilia."


Other commenters point out that Malta is another outpost of Catholic sex abuse. I know the Christian Brothers were violent and active in the United States.

That country has other scandals. 31 unmarked graves at a reform school and no prosecutions?

Child abuse is a merely a decadent pleasure that runs to the top of our societies. It is time for discussion, which is why I devote a small corner of my insignificant site to the topic.

God bless the victims.

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