Democracy In Danger, EU Chief Warns

You read it here first. The unravelling of the euro threatens to ignite both radical and authoritarian trends in southern European politics.

None less than the chairman of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso has warned that democracy could be at risk in Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Last month I pointed out the same danger that resentment at the way Germany and other northern European members of the EU are responding to the crisis could undermine purpose for which the EU was invented in the first place: to unite Europe against war.

"As Greece enters a long and painful austerity, the country’s vulnerability to political extremism and ability to resist will be tested. Terrorist groups such as November 17, small but fired by a hatred of capitalism and the United States, could find fertile support. These groups date back to protests against the autocracy of the Greek colonels and have never been convincingly uprooted."

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