Euphemisms Hide the Insidious Creep of Martial Law

How quickly new words are telegraphed on the grapevine. Everyone adopts the latest slogan even as it changes daily.

Flatten the curve gives birth to lockdown which requires a firebreak or circuit breaker. Now there's a new, official monotone: "you've been put into tier (add number)"

This is euphemism. This is follow fashion, group think without thinking but it hides a motive. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed as much in a telephone call revealed by Hamodia newspaper: there is no scientific basis for these ad hoc curfews.

"This is not a highly nuanced, sophisticated response. This is a fear-driven response. You know, this is not a policy being written by a scalpel. This is a policy being cut by a hatchet. It’s just very blunt... it’s out of fear. People see the numbers going up—‘Close everything! Close everything!’"

He's lying, of course, as the international coordination and rolling out of other agendas confirm. Hence the need for euphemism. If you call it by its name - martial law, curfew, house arrest or detention - the next clause must explain why.

Does the grey officialese of the latest euphemism mean that the unspoken agenda has become more serious? If you are put into tier two lockdown you, naturally, will take the language of levels very seriously - a little more freedom versus a lot less. 

Who chose those words? They're not yours.

Despite numbers and levels, the tiers don't have the clear logic of a traffic light system. Rule of six (1) versus no gatherings in your garden (2) No social contact outside your household in any setting (3) have an arbitrary feel to them. It's almost certain that police will in practice apply a broad brush, sweeping aside the nuances of this tier versus that. 

At the end of the day people are being accustomed to tighter lockdowns with the intimation that it's just for a couple of weeks. It mirrors the beginning of Event Covid when flatten the curve for a fortnight turned into lockdown for months on end. 

I wish I could find that Reuters TV clip in which the crew serendipitously filmed a man at his window urging the crowds below to go home to "flatten the curve".  I suspect there was nothing spontaneous about the origin of this euphemism or the man at the window. Like the footage of people in every country clapping for health workers it seemed to begin on television before it began in real life. Or rather, they began the begin.

What moments divine, what rapture serene,
Till clouds came along to disperse the joys we had tasted,
And now when I hear people curse the chance that was wasted,
I know but too well what they mean;
So don't let them begin the beguine
Let the love that was once a fire remain an ember;
Let it sleep like the dead desire I only remember
When they begin the beguine.
-- Cole Porter, 1935

Please indulge my frivolity and take a moment to recall a great New Yorker:

Like interpretation in music, euphemism can be a way to give words new meaning, or to hide it.

As the comments of Governor Cuomo suggest, this is not about science but it may not be about fear, either. In order to justify curfew, bureaucrats changed the metric from deaths to cases, generated by a test which they know creates a huge number of false positives. 

It's interesting to see that the word curfew seems to have been sanitized online. The synonyms offered are mostly rather mild:  gesture, curfews, clampdown, instruction, close of day, injunction, candlelight, restriction, command, eve, lockout, candlelighting, commission, bedtime, embargo, limitation, kind, omen.

Our language is being manipulated. The dictionaries work in real time, nowadays.

We had an example this month when Merriam-Webster dictionary updated the entry for 'sexual preference' after Judge Amy Coney Barrett used the term in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Merriam-Webster, the noted reference book and dictionary publisher, qualified the term as "offensive". That was after Democratic senator Mazie Hirono rewrote the language on the spot, condemning Coney Barrett's assertion that she "would never discriminate on the basis of sexual preference.”

"Sexual preference is an offensive and outdated term,” she chided the judge. “It is used by anti-LGBTQ activists to suggest that sexual orientation is a choice.”

I'd ask Hirono and her acolytes why they didn't just stick with the word, sex, as in: 

"Do you take your coffee with sugar and what kind of sex do you like?"

Ah, now I see the need for the euphemism. We'd better find a euphemism for the euphemism.

As this example shows, euphemism is not simply a matter of words but the modus operandi of politicians and social engineers. During these times of pandemic... wait... the meaning of pandemic was also changed. 

The Classical Definition of a Pandemic is Not Elusive, by Heath Kelly -- Bulletin of the WHO, 2011

During these times of pandemic the meaning of the word, science is also altered by fixing it with the definite article. Now we can argue that the flattening the curve, lockdown, firebreaks, circuit breakers and tiers are not about science, as Governor Cuomo admits, but may still be about 'the science'. 

We hear about 'the science' when a group of people presume to impose rules by appeal to authority, which is one of the famous logical fallacies. It's often used in the phrase 'the science says such and such'. Science is a way to measure what we are observing, confirmed by testing and experiment and the formulation or updating of hypotheses. It is not and never has been a set of rules and it cannot bestow righteousness upon an idea or a group of people.

Righteousness... This can go on forever. A word which rarely was heard outside its religious setting, in sermons or songs or if you grew up with reggae.

Righteous is flung around nowadays. People bestow the word, as meaning politically correct, upon politicians and like-thinkers. What would probably have been taken as a backhanded insult when I grew up is now taken face-value as praise. Is it a sign, as Jonathan Haidt writes in The Righteous Mind, that reason is being used as a tool to secure social status? Or is it evidence that 'the science' has replaced religion: instead of being bestowed by God upon David, we become righteous through our adherence to 'the science'.

Bestowed by the group if you comply with 'the consensus': how the righteous are fallen. 

To conclude, it seems our ideas are very much affected by the shifting meaning of words. As a new language is foisted upon us we look around and find that our place in the world has changed, too. The tier that begins as an abstraction, an arbitrary rule dictated by 'the science' and applied to a map, could soon take on a real form as applied to humans: our tier in a new order. 


Renewable Energy & The Great Reset: Handmaidens to the Cull

It's worth rewatching Jeff Gibbs' documentary Planet Of The Humans now we know more about the World Economic Forum's Great Reset.

Look closely and you’ll identify a stunning similarity between the motives and modus operandi of the billionaires driving the renewable energy industry -- and the beneficiaries of Event Covid and the Great Reset.

John Steppling's article on Off-Guardian shortly after the film's release justly criticized Gibbs for ignoring the toll of the military in the destruction of lands and livelihoods, along with the huge impact of military research and weapons manufacture on mining, pollution and the diversion of productive capacity into warfare. 

What's renewables got to do with the military? The renewable energy industry requires immense quantities of minerals, both common and rare, along with hydrocarbons (that's fossil fuels) to make and operate its technology. Those raw materials are often in third countries but let's save that discussion for later. Just imagine for now what it would take to scale from renewables' current tiny share of energy output. 

The manufacture of weaponry is one of the top three industries and central to the fortunes of the billionaires. Its secondary function is get the state to pay for wars so that it can reap a third profit by securing land and resources. So it's a notable omission from the film -- understandable as it's a huge topic -- but integral to understanding the renewable energy project.

Any industry that can earn huge profits making weapons while generating further income by deploying those weapons, in order to secure access to resources in the name of the local population (R2P) or against its will, is not only a deadly awesome industrial machine; it's also a class issue, not just for the inhabitants of foreign lands but for citizens at home. It gives a thin strata of society immense power over the whole, power which it must retain at any cost, in order to keep financing the military machine.

The upheaval of society to introduce renewables and the fourth industrial revolution requires the same exhaustive power to get the population to pay for the implementation of renewable energy so that it can be used as a pretext to extract land and resources from the people. Just like the military industrial complex.


Gibbs does dedicate a third of the documentary to the billionaires who misdirect, misinform and manipulate the green movement. He shows how they use the oldest trick in the book: fake grassroots movements who cheer for subsidies the billionaires reap; and who call for 'green laws' that force the population to use the product produced by those same billionaires. The taxpayer gets to pay twice. Three times if you count the cost of pollution that's ignored while the population is diverted by the carbon emissions trade. Oh, they pay for that, too, so they get to pay four times. Sweet, if you're a billionaire.

Gibbs explains how only those environmental measures that profit the billionaires gain traction. All those myriad ways in which we (actually, mostly big industries) harm the planet -- pollution, water depletion, pesticides, the killing of insects and pollinators, the poisoning of land, rivers and oceans, overfishing and the misuse of antibiotics underwater and on land, along with the parallel destruction of forests and  human livelihoods -- all are reduced to once single obsession with carbon and renewable energy.

By closing his eyes to the scale of the billionaires' ambition, however, Gibbs fails to draw the inescapable conclusion that renewable energy is likely to cause economic dysfunction and the relocation of populations -- and that may be part of the plan.

As Steppling noted in his May 2020 article, the documentary totally misses the political implications, which would have shown how renewable energy is integrated into foreign wars, imperialism and... yes... the Great Reset. 


“So why are bankers, industrialists and environmental leaders only focused on the narrow solution of green technology?," Gibbs asks. He concludes 'profit' but it's something much bigger: control and the redirection of your life. 

Remember the oldest trick in the book? Well, there's another one: raise the cost of doing business. Renewable energy will put the billionaires' rivals out of business. 

Industrialists have done this for more than a century. When the Harmsworth brothers, who later became the Viscounts Rothermere and Northcliffe, wanted to ensure his control of Britain's newspaper industry (they founded the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror) one of the ways they did it was to raise the pay of printers.

My great-great uncle was a beneficiary as a master printer who held court in the pubs of Fleet Street. My great uncle would be sent to The George to take his father home to Islington. (The pub that was home-from-home to some of the greatest diarists of current events including the Irish novelist Oliver Goldsmith and Samuel Johnson is now closed due to... current events).

Such a well-stuffed wallet proceeded not from the generosity of the Harmsworth heart or because they had a fondness for trades unions. They wanted to make it prohibitively expensive for others to employ printers, so that they could not open a rival newspaper or compete on price. 

We are constantly told energy must become more expensive. It will become more costly to make products and to use them. Strangely the penny hasn't dropped for a lot of people. They imagine they'll be charging their Tesla car off solar energy, powering their laptop and gadgets from wind power and that the Everywhere Internet for their smartphone is supplied by ... wave power?

What washed in on the waves of Event Covid was the Great Reset. In this version of the high-tech future, your energy quota will be strictly limited. Your small business has been deemed non-essential. You've been sitting at home for seven months and have no idea if you'll be able to restart your business. If you are luckier than me, you've received free money from the government or a salary for doing not very much.  In the future there are hints of a Universal Basic Income. 

Remember the pay rise my great-great uncle was given, to put the competitors out of business? Do you think there may be a hidden motive behind UBI? If there are any small businesses left standing -- when and if lockdown ends --  how do you think they'll find workers?


The conclusion that Jeff Gibbs missed is staring us in the face. The billionaires are focused exclusively on the carbon cult of renewable energy because it fits with their plan for a fourth industrial revolution. That's obvious at first sight but look at the explicit goals of the Great Reset.  

First, one important caveat. Renewable energy is not a transparent attempt to replace fossil fuels because it doesn't (renewable energy requires fossil fuels during construction and/or operation and come nowhere near fossil fuels in terms of megawatts generated on an uninterrupted basis). In fact, Jeff Gibbs says it could end up using more fossil fuel. So what is the real motive?

This is the petroleum-based billionaires trying to preserve their wealth and power,  according to the environmental leader Vandana Shiva, who by the way rejects biomass and biofuels.

“We are talking about the old oil economy trying to maintain itself with another raw material: the green planet. The only reason that corn and soya is being planted for biofuel is that subsidies make it profitable.

Our minds have been manipulated to give power to illusions, we’ve shifted to measuring growth not in terms of how life is enriched but how life is destroyed.”

Let us look briefly at what the Great Reset means. As the Bank of England, Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab of the WEF have assured us, the economy will not return to what it was.

In Aug 2019 Central bankers from around the world met at Jackson Hole and proposed "Going Direct". Former BoE Governor Mark Carney said companies that don’t adapt to the new Green economy will go bankrupt. Those who don’t comply would be punished. Thus the BoE policy remains unchanged - ungreen companies will be put out of business.

In September 2020, Andy Haldane, Bank of England chief economist, said the UK economy must 'adapt' and that the chancellor should not extend the furlough scheme: "we need to undergo a period of change and people should adjust quickly. Elongating the coronavirus job retention scheme would not allow the process of adjustment to take place”.

The Committee on Climate Change said UK is lagging on emissions targets and that a net-zero policy should be imposed on all regional departments and that the public be engaged to tackle climate change.

The impact of the Carbon Cult is identical to that of the economic lockdown of Event Covid. The message to the majority is that your business, your livelihood is not essential. Of course, the businesses of the elite turn out to be so essential they must be mandated and subsidized by the government.

Both issues, the Carbon Cult and Event Covid are used, as problem, reaction, solution, to concentrate wealth in the hands of the same billionaire elite while the populations are told that their jobs, livelihoods, farms and industries are "non-essential" and have no place in the New Normal.

This green future doesn't involve you. Whatever kind of economy returns after lockdown, there's a chance those sprouting green shoots of recovery won't be your small farm or business.

As the United States Department of Agriculture reported last month:

The reduction in miles driven as the public sheltered in place, meant less demand for biofuels, which in turn led to reduced demand for grains used in biofuels, particularly corn. In addition, the immediate and drastic decline in food demand by restaurants and hotel customers isolated farmers and food processors from some of their biggest buyers, especially for meat, dairy, and specialty crops.

So as consumers were dealing with localized food shortages and rising retail food prices, producers were grappling with falling farmgate prices and a glut of output that forced them to euthanize livestock, dump milk, and dispose of perishable products that could not be stored. Data on differences in prices at the farm and retail levels show that, as of August, the price paid by consumers for one pound of retail beef, for example, has risen by 5 percent since January, 2020 (a significant fall-off from June, when it was 30 percent higher), while cattle producers are receiving 20 percent less for their cattle.

The economic lockdown has triggered a global depression far worse than the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939 and as dislocating to the economy as any war. After all, wars were extremely profitable to the war manufacturers. Similarly, Event Covid has destroyed the lives and wealth of billions, yet the billionaires got richer. Between April and July, 2020, total billionaire wealth increased by 27.5%, up from $8 trillion, according to this report from PwC and UBS.


Did you know the 'renewable' energy source is cutting down woods and forests for ‘biomass’ incinerators? It's an easy sell. Trees regrow, don't they? Except, as an expert tells Gibbs' documentary, to power the U.S. for one year would require the burning of every tree in the country.

So not only are green biomass incinerators heavily subsidized, they can't even find enough to burn. So they throw in car and truck tires that emit foul black soot. They burn household waste including plastics that emit PCBs. And they still need natural gas and electricity to get the fire going, fossil fuels to log the trees.

If it doesn't make sense, why do it? First, because the taxpayer is footing much of the bill. Second, because it serves agendas. As we’ve seen with Gates, Soros and Rockefeller they fund public or public sector initiatives in one area that boost their interests in another. One palm greases another. 

Another driver of renewable energy is public private partnership. This is the theory that the state can't afford to build infrastructure such as power plants or hospitals, so it should pay a private company to do it. This may have made sense during a time of stretched public sector budgets but now that countries like the U.S. and UK are printing money for free, PPP should make no sense. Except.... except that the privately-owned central banks, not the governments, are printing the money (in reality a notch on a digital yardstick) so from the bankers' perspective they can still cook up a good PPP contract and privatize the profits while socializing the losses.


The developing world has seen a massive land grab as international commodity trading combines buy up the best bits of the Earth for farming, hoping to insulate themselves and profit from future food shortages.

Likewise mineral deposits like cobalt and lithium, essential to the elite's high-tech addictions. At the beginning of the Vietnam war, while the CIA was arming local mercenaries and before U.S. troops had publicly arrived, the U.S. was already conducting geological surveys of the mineral rich territory.

Half a century later, the CIA, along with the French and British, armed the Uganda-based mercenaries of Paul Kagame and sparked ethnic genocide between the Hutus and Tutsis in order to achieve regime change in the Congo, which contains the worlds largest deposits of rare earth minerals.

War is a giant bionic, transhuman monster foraging for the Earth's raw material wealth. It tears up foreign lands in search of minerals and fuel, and never sated, is forever searching for new fields in which to plunge its bloody maw. 

It doesn't take much imagination to extend that logic to the forests and the oceans. All green technologies depend heavily on fossil fuels and rare earth minerals to make batteries, solar panels etc. Vastly more land will be needed to grow trees for wood-burning ‘biomass’ furnaces. Even the oceans will be harvested for seaweed to burn.

Yet more land shall be strip mined for rare earth minerals to build the equipment for smart cities. Where will they search, whose land will they seize on the pretext of herding us into smart cities? Whose home or village will be razed, which people transported so they can generate the energy to power those smart cities. 


Depopulation is central to this policy: pushing people off the land so it can be strip mined or planted. Cause or effect, motive or solution? Here's a clue. 

The war on drugs in Central America has the same result.  In Mexico rural populations are being pushed off their land under the narrative of the War on Drugs. Once the land is cleared, who moves in? Mining companies.
In his book The Cartels Do Not Exist, Oswaldo Zavala found low correlation between places of known drug production and areas of military action – and high correlation between military action and locations of interest to international corporations and mining groups.

Bolivia has just witnessed a coup which unseated the country's first indigenous president. The crime of Evo Morales was to insist that the country's lithium deposits belong to the people and should be mined by state-owned corporations. Lithium is central to electric batteries and not only for vehicles. One of the problems of renewable energy methods like solar or wind power is they're intermittent. The wind drops and clouds blot out the sun. Massive battery storage is one proposed solution. 

Elon Musk knows how important it is to get his hands on other people's lithium deposits. 'We Will Coup Whoever We Want':

In the Amazon indigenous villages are wiped from the map and forests chopped to grow sugar cane for biofuels.

Even with all this sorrow and bloodshed, renewable energy cannot replace fossil fuels. It is not as efficient, it is intermittent and, most damning of all, renewable energy depends on fossil fuels in a dozen ways: to make solar panels and windmills, to transport and install them, to back them up when they're not working, and to fuel the logging trucks as they chop down forests for biomass incinerators.


The renewable energy world of the fourth industrial revolution does not propose to support or employ the current population.  It has no solution,  no plans and from present technology there is no way that it can support human life without reducing numbers and standards of living.

The unspoken conclusion is that the population must be culled. Because even if all the proposed innovations are implemented, renewable ‘green’ energy will not produce anything like the energy we have now. So it can’t support the lifestyle and the numbers we have now.

Malthus is never far away and however much we the people have proved him wrong, the elites still love him. Gibbs takes the overpopulation claim at face value, another weakness in the documentary, but he did us a favour. 

He showed us a Joshua tree mowed down as it stood with its thousandth year in sight. The unbearable witness of a caressing hand on the brow of an Orangutang as the light dies in its eyes. But he was notably silent on the humans. Oh, we deserve no such sympathy but what about us?

Depopulation emits the stench of a toxic lake as the cameraman zooms in on the driftwood paradise of a beach hut on a barren shore. It remains, just out of shot, throughout his documentary and though Gibbs does not draw the conclusion, it is there: renewable energy needs the land on which you live and once it has taken that land, it offers no guarantee that it can feed or support you. 


Psychological Manipulation from Aldous Huxley to the New World Order

It is essential to read 9/11 and Event Covid as closely related, if not a continuation. In this context it's notable how many people refer to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World as a blueprint. It was such, in more ways than one.

Just as the Behavioural Insights Team is proving central to the rollout of Event Covid in the Five Eyes countries, it's useful also to look at the history of neurochemical manipulation. Project MK-Ultra grew out of the Tavistock Institute's research on traumatized soldiers after WW1. What began with treatment for PTSD, became a quest to build the resilient soldier, and soon morphed into efforts to manipulate the masses to support war -- or at least, not to resist it.

Aldous Huxley helped run MK-Ultra. It is revealed in his letters, Psychedelic Prophets: The Letters of Aldous Huxley and Humphry Osmond, which show he played a key role building the 'scientific dictatorship' he had envisioned.

These social constructionists control all sides of the debate: the research itself; the implementation; and the cultural programming of the population, through novels, movies and music. That's possibly why Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World.

Another example: The author of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, John Marks, was the assistant to the director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research for the U.S. State department.

A letter from Aldous Huxley in 1957, to Humphry Fortescue Osmond, an English expatriate psychiatrist credited with inventing the word psychedelic. Huxley asks Osmond to prepare for a visit to Huxley in California by Louis Jolyon West. Along with Sidney Gottlieb, West was one of the architects of MK-Ultra.

"I suggested to him [West] that he should hypnotize his people before they take LSD and give them post-hypnotic suggestions aimed at orienting the drug-induced experience in some desired direction. And also with the desirable goal of enabling subjects to recapture the LSD experience by purely psychological means...." [NLP]
"It may be that the unconscious can be persuaded by means of post-hypnotic suggestions, repeated if necessary again and again, to open the door without the aid of chemical keys...."
"It would be a great thing if you could get down to Florida to supervise at least the initial phases of the work."
Aldous Huxley.

What Huxley is telling Osmond is to go to Florida to supervise MK-Ultra Sub Project 43.  The words "to open the door" refer to a concept that Huxley titled, The Doors of Perception, in a book published in 1954. The book in turn lent its name to the band, The Doors, a decade later.

In another letter to Osmond, Huxley writes:

”While Julian [Huxley's brother and founding head of the United Nations' educational, scientific and socio-cultural arm, UNESCO] was here we went to UCLA to see the rats and cats and monkeys with electrodes stuck in various parts of their brains.
"They press a lever which gives them a short, mild electric shock and the experience is so aesthetically wonderful that they will go on at a rate of 8,000 stimulae per hour until they collapse from exhaustion, lack of food and sleep.
"We are obviously getting very closer to reproducing the muslim paradise where every orgasm lasts 600 years."

The Tavistock Institute has been pushing this agenda since WW1. It is structured as an institute so that it can apply its insights to any institution: civil service, military, corporations.... and that has happened with increasing frequency since the 1990s to the present day.


UnSpun 029 – “Aldous Huxley and Spies in Academic Clothing”


All Along The Watchtower and other government tricks

The cross-border regime that brings us the modern Security State is deeply occult. No, not just the Nazis and Thelema. It's a lot more spooky than you think.

Just as an aside, how many people know that Aleister Crowley was employed by Britain's Secret Intelligence Service and was busy in Berlin from 1930 to 1932 as Hitler was rising to power? Hardly surprising that Berlin should attract him but, right place, right time.

The cryptocracy, at its simplest, is the observation that the elite empower themselves by hoarding knowledge, and denying it to those they control. In the same way the elite schools today still teach the classics, the philosophers and techniques of government down the ages, building in their children the mindset of ruler. Knowledge for them and ignorance for the rest.

Until the Enlightenment, people understood the concept of all that is seen and unseen, the latter belonging to the metaphysical, the religious and the occult (simply meaning that which cannot be seen). After the Enlightenment the people were increasingly driven into specialized labor while a ruling elite retained to itself the "unity of knowledge".

This was the background to one of the great police states: Elizabethan England, in which the population was forbidden to think or live in terms of the world to which they had been born. A massive recalibration of the popular mind was in order. Queen Elizabeth I was guided by four top officials: her spymaster Walsingham, the bureaucratic master manipulators William and Robert Cecil, and her mystic John Dee.

Spook: 1/ to make frightened or frantic : scare especially : to startle into violent activity (such as stampeding) 2/ a ghost or one who treads lightly behind the scenes 3/ a spy or servant of the cryptocracy.
Spookery: matters relating to spies and espionage  : to concoct  and carry out deceptions.
Witchery: to mezmerize, stupify, entrance, brainwash, hypnotize or control the mind.
Witch: medium, medicine man, conjuror, necromancer.

The three elements of government: spying (in manu occultatum, the hidden hand), bureaucratic manipulation (amalgamation) and mysticism (Kabbalah, Fremasonry, alchemy) are far more consistent elements of government than most people think.

The mystic element is employed at each stage: in the gathering, interpretation and misrepresentation of information; which is then subject to amalgamation through the bureaucracy; with the result being alchemy, or the turning of base human matter into gold or, yet more desirable, even irresistible: transcendent power.

In his 16th-century writings John Dee (with Edward Kelley) claimed that angels had revealed the Enochian magic -- the key to the Book of Enoch.

No not Enoch Powell, a controversial British politician but also one of the few great intellects to sit in Parliament in recent times. He is connected to our story. His reputation was hammered by the reaction to his insightful but wholly unprophetic Rivers of Blood speech in April 1968, which largely observed the blood flowing at that time in the United States (MLK had been assassinated earlier that month, JFK five years before, and RFK would follow within two months). Enoch Powell saw the fault lines and that people in power were deliberately provoking an earthquake. He was calling out the deep state. They crucified him politically).

John Dee didn't call it Enochian but Angelic magic. It was the Freemasons of the 20th century who revived Dee's work and called it Enochian, blending it with the Hermetic Qabalah.

It has given us powerful social and political movements, from the Thelemic and Rosicrucian to the Wicca, which is said to have adepts at the summit of politics.

Occult insight has been tightly bound with the most powerful forms of government - from the Freemasonic foundations of the United States, the secret geometry of Washington DC, the occult passions of the the founders of NASA reflected in its emblematic chevrons, to the LSD mind-bending experiments of the Tavistock Institute and CIA that closely mimic the journeys along the astral plane in which western occultists recorded their psychic experiences in a scientific manner.

Perhaps they desire to Enochulate the rest of us.

They are not open about their intention. How could they be, a government founded upon cryptocracy? Yet they give us more than hints: the information is merely disguised.

Who gave us Flat Earth Theory -- and then had the chutzpah to laugh at us? Flat Earth thinking preoccupies the powers that be more than we commonly assume. Don't be a pedestrian thinker: it doesn't need to be literal. As a way of seeing, it is a handy way of guiding their actions.

Their working model of the Earth IS flat. It has to be. It's a board game, Monopoly combined with Risk and Watchtowers and Ouija to add some more dimensions. They don't have to go to their dying bed actually believing that the Earth is flat. The just treat it as so. Their Corporatist Media throws it out there, seeds the public mind with Flat Earth Theory and then laughs at us.

'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out." -- attributed to Karl Rove.

From the four Watchtowers of the Great Table (they are actually truncated pyramids with flat tops giving them five exposed sides) represent the totality of all existence and the furthest extent of being: ideas, conceptions; physical manifestation; emotion and reaction; wisdom and integration.

See how this is a metaphor for government: it maps quite well the process from the formation of information, the amalgamation of bureaucracy, the interpretation or refinement, and the ultimate goal of alchemy or wisdom.

Each of the ruling Watchers oversees a "Watchtower" and plays a role in the process of unifying the government. Call it a new order, a new world, whatever you like it amounts to the same.

"There must be some kind of way out of here,"
Said the joker to the thief
"There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief.
Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line
Know what any of it's worth."

"No reason to get excited,"
The thief, he kindly spoke.
"There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour's getting late."

All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too
Outside in the cold distance
A wild cat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl.

-- All Along The Watchtower by Bob Dylan (1967).

More follows.


Lockdown is the Elite Panicking at Loss of Control

Event Covid represents hysterical panic by the banker-led technocracy. It is a panicked response to the buckling and tottering of their failing international institutions. They have bankrupted Europe, America and Japan and have lost ability to control economies.

Corporations no longer pay taxes. In the U.S. they account for 5% of Federal tax receipts. Global corporations decided they no longer need nation states, except when they smell subsidies or a bailout. That's left governments looting what remains of the middle class and having to magick up fake currency for their day-to-day operations.

The endless wars have allowed corporations to grab resources while subverting the international order and building a lawless world in which money and mercenaries talk loudest. The same people who call for the International Institutions of World Government are the same people who have destroyed government after government: Not just Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria but they've cannibalized their own United States, European Union and Japan.

Amid this rubble, organized crime is flourishing. Not the uneducated hoodlum arm twisting a contract from local government. The elite-schooled, entitled, networked organized criminal whose family and associates include lawyers, bankers, politicians and tech or defense contractors - but who is every bit as committed to the idea of The Family. These people don't kill, blackmail or sit around in political meetings - they pay people to do that for them.

Central bank organized crime is having a problem collecting on the debt. Tax is no longer the money-spinner it once was. The monetary system is imploding. The bankers have to resort to periodically pumping and dumping the economy in order to grab assets from government and people. That system is the root of their control.

What happens when a system based on convention and social contract collapses? For the bankers to maintain their privileged position, they must seek direct control - the right to issue digital money but more important (since money is already largely digital) the right to track that money at every stage of its journey and snip off a few percent each time it changes hands. Even better, to direct most of that money into the more productive slaves via a system of social credit scoring.

Event Covid is the result: lockdown, under the excuse of infection and the need for mass injection, the marking and numbering of all the people so that the banking beast can track them.

Trouble is the system's not ready. The Artificial Intelligence is not ready. The police and military are still human. Their hastily-imposed medical martial law is creaking and unevenly applied. The public isn't fully buying the need for lockdown or vaccine.

The first victims are those countries targeted by organized crime for their weak institutions and easy manipulation. That's the developing countries. Even in countries like India, however, the bankers, the international agencies and their corporate front men have struggled to implement their socio-monetary control, except in a totalitarian system like China.

In the West the public has the Internet. It's a race against time to repress the people before they get wise to the game. Hence sudden and very obvious extension of censorship.

The Corporatist Media gives it away. If the public was compliant and brainwashed, the Media would be able to maintain the polite myth of a diverse conversation.The fact that CNN screams like a shrill teenager with his crotch caught on a barbed wire fence - is because that's what's happened. The desperation is telling.

These wannabe global leaders are inadequate. Politicians are predictably pathetic. It's the pretensions of technocrats that alarm. They seem to believe they can build their Technocracy on the fly, if only they get us all clamped down and pliant. If there are competent leaders among the Technocrats and the Bankers I cannot see them. Central bankers from around the world met at Jackson Hole and proposed "Going Direct" in August 2019. There have been few pronouncements since. Will they stand up and, if not, why not?

Even on an institutional level the corrupt EU and UN, flail about, apparently taking their orders from the Rockefeller Foundation's Lockstep document (2010) and the World Economic Forum's fancy PowerPoint presentation of a Global Reset.

Government by PowerPoint. You never knew Bill Gates had a plan for you.

"It all depends whether you people want to save your freedom as much as these people want to enslave you. Everything these people have planned for 60 years could come unglued almost overnight if a significant percentage of the people understood what the con game is all about. We can destroy these conspirators before they destroy us. We can do it if we move fast enough and hard enough." -- Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy.


Power Doesn't Care About The Label Fascist Or Communist

Ideologies are a ten a penny. You only hear about ones they put money behind. There are loads of theorists, think tanks and scriptwriters. It's the producer that matters. Mr Moneybags. Without him you don't have a show.

Power sets up the political system, not the other way around. Yes, there are belief systems and theorists and grass roots politics but there is plenty of evidence that Big Label Political Systems and the Ringmasters are controlled by Big Money.

It should not even need stating.

Power exists outside of politics. There was power when it used religion rather than political ideology to control people. There was power before there were parties. There was power before there were parliaments. There was power before there were nation states.

The first consideration of power brokers should be, 'what system of rule do we want?'
The second consideration should be, 'how do we disguise our influence so that system upholds our interests while not revealing our hand, so that the system is not compromised by the people's discovering our presence behind the curtain?'
The third consideration is our golden share: 'how do we pull the plug if we need to shift things in a new direction?'

The Founding Fathers of the U.S. followed this pattern. Power created the political system, not some latter day Moses slipped the Constitution by God.

Personal investment in any particular ideological theory doesn't change this. It's the same diversion that goes by the twin names of politics and sports.

It doesn't matter if Benito used pitch for the Blues (back when Blues were reds) before he joined the Reds (who were... err) because the games are rigged anyway.

In fact the Blues (who were really reds) had this thing called Progressivism and they really loved Benito, even when he started calling himself a literal fascist. With the war and all, that got problematic and the Blues had to drop the Progressivism label for a while and become Liberals. But now they've brought back the Progressive label just as we enter the 1920s.. sorry, the 2020s. Once again there's this fascist thing and they're selling tickets to watch the show under the same old billing, Progressivism. And they're buying it.

No cheap shot intended. I am simply illustrating how power strategies are marketed. Power is a manifestation of specific interests with particular aims. These aims are partly revealed and partly hidden. The part that's revealed is marketed to the public under a label, usually with an adjective, or adjectival noun, to make it sound futuristic, trending, technocratic or progressive.

The totalitarian system that is being locked down is fascist because it it corporatist, but it borrows elements from its siblings, the variants of communism.

The ideology that gave birth to those systems is not Hitler's nor Marx's. It belongs in large part to those who gave board and lodging to those scriptwriters and published their works, and who paid to put on the show. Those same financial interests also financed Trotsky and Lenin and financed the Chinese state in ways we don't yet know.

This is not hidden. The tax-exempt Foundations write about it all the time. The Corporations (the foundations are just their shop windows) have been active in shaping all the major political shows -- the wars and the political systems that result.

Their minutes show they've been working to the same script since at least 1910. Before that it appeared in several variants, all related, like chapters of a book. Cecil Rhodes wrote one chapter, the Freemasons around the French Revolution wrote another, the Rothschilds wrote one, as did the early Illuminists around Jacob Frank, then there's a chapter by Francis Bacon and so on.

Think of Power as the Editor of this book. This is not one single movement or club but there are consistent threads. Ultimately, however, nothing happens without the Producers, Mr Moneybags, who puts up the money for the show.

Why does the theme music to American politics sound funny? All that Looney Toons and balloons at the party conventions? Because if you want a share of the limelight in the Big Tent you have to join the circus.


The New Normal Will Change Music

What’s next for cultural programming?

Is Covid and social distancing the death blow to Electronic Dance Music?
If Festivals join my No No Square, then who, what, where?
What do the CIA and social engineers have in store for the next counter cultural youth movement?

Music's Got The Bug - Billboard lists the cancelled festivals and concerts

 EDM afficionados see soft drugs and music forming a consciousness-expanding musical movement, one world, one love. All the references to mind control and a New World Order are ironic.
 From outside, it’s a capitalist, computer-generated commodity in 57 Varieties of same-but-different; the beat and chord progression feed dissociative processes, which are the same in spiritual trance as a military march. With laser shows projecting globalist symbolism, it’s a form of mind control.
 Critical thinkers see parallels with the Counterculture and LSD… claiming to expand minds while focusing on the self; psychotropic drugs; corporatist control behind the youthful smiles. The likely role of the CIA in creating the Counterculture has been documented by authors like Dave McGowan and Tom O’Neill, Neil Sanders and Mark Devlin.

Fade to Black
 EDM relies heavily on festivals for its revenues, which is how DJs earn their income. But their pay has been falling for several years now. The International Music Summit said by 2018, EDM had already shrunk to just 3% of the music market in the US in 2018.

Yet it remained the face of popular music, heavily promoted by the Corporatist Media. Until now.
Is the Corporatist Media preparing us for the the next shift in popular tastes?

 Suddenly EDM is not progressive: The grievance industry has taken aim at the gender-imbalance in EDM: Fewer than one-in-10 DJs is a woman. BLM may finally kill off the fashion for feathered headdress so popular among the festival crowd.

 Billboard – Gay Black Men Helped Create EDM. Why Do Straight White Men Dominate It?
 EDM Struggles: White DJ Goes Black Face, Calls Himself ‘Slave’
 Insomniac – Women Produce 9% of Electronic Music
 Chicago Tribune – EDM is a big, lucrative world, but not for women DJs
 Ebay – Indian Headdress For Sale

 But the real damage is economic – to the bottom line:
 DMN – DJ Earnings Plunge to a Five-Year Low as EDM Revenues Continue to Slide
 NPR – The Mainstreaming Of EDM And The Precipitous Drop That Followed
 Esquire – Coronavirus Might Kill The Music Industry. Maybe It Needed To Die
 ABC – Tasmanian live music industry in crisis as COVID-19 clampdown rolls on
 Music Week – MixMag Pauses Print Edition
 MixMag (2015) – Is the EDM era finally coming to an end?
 MixMag (2020) – Will coronavirus really collapse the live music industry?
 The Diplomat – Can Wuhan’s Punk Scene Survive the Coronavirus?
 UNESCO – https://en.unesco.org/news/culture-covid-19-impact-and-response-tracker

EDM Has Shaped Social Media and Advertising

Lest you think I over estimate the influence of EDM in social engineering, see how social marketers use it. If EDM has changed social marketing, it has changed the political and cultural communication as well. You can be sure that the Behavioural Insight Team and their the influence agencies have taken notice.

EDM fans tweeted a staggering 11 times per day (roughly six times more than the average Twitter user
A whopping 1 in 4 social posts about EDM occur during a live electronic music event.
Source: The Social DNA of EDM Fans

EDM is a channel to push a message. "The social media practices perfected by pop, EDM and major corporations like Coca-Cola will eventually find their way into more obscure music circles."
Source: Assessing Social Media's Impact on Electronic Music

“I think with the advent of fashion, alcohol and other complementary products and or services, which marry in with music, that is starting to drive and upskill brands and artists, individually and collectively, to start to work together more to achieve a common goal.” -- Eamon Chiffey, Electronic Music Conference.

 Eventbrite found that social media conversations about EDM are predominately positive, with love of EDM accounting for 40 percent of all social media conversations.
Source: EDM Fans’ Hyperactive Social Media Use Driving Genre’s Success (Study)

EDM's strength and now its weakness is that social contact is an essential part of the fun. It's about being there. Without the festival, the social media presence will fade. If I interpreted the above research correctly, somebody is watching this musical space very closely.

So what next, in music – or popular culture in general?