Comedian Steve Hughes on the Brain of Normie

Some wisdom from the fool. The jester gives voice to reason. Comedian Steve Hughes appeared on A FreakSense World YouTube channel. Thanks to https://djmarkdevlin.blogspot.com/ for the tip.
“Thought needs some foundational idea to wrap itself around. They haven’t read anything.  They haven’t got any information yet there’s so much coming at them they don’t know what to do. They just end up lying down like a dog. They’re just a person, they’re caught in the system. But if you’re 50 years old you’ve already consumed half a century of TV and films and news and lies.” 
Steve starts at 17 minutes: https://youtu.be/S2OOMHnPDok?t=1028
On Atheist Scientific Dictatorship Drones
“If you have God you are harder to tyrannize. You won’t let any man dominate you because only God has supreme power. The state is more scared of Ned Flanders than Homer Simpson. They mock Ned Flanders because he’s got family values and morals. Instead the state wants a lot of Homer Simpsons. He’s an absolute imbecile but when you watch him on TV you think, 'isn’t he a cuddly old thing'.”
On the Acceptance of Pain and Transformation @ 31:00 minutes Steve talks about his 5 year breakdown.
“Transformation has an element of pain to it because you have to shatter your reality. But the pharma companies’ ethos is anethnatize the pain. You can decide either to go into the pain of this dictatorship of slavery or you can go through the pain and come out the other side in paradise. The PC people say they want a world without pain. People got to the point where they can’t even be uncomfortable. Yet you have to go through massive transformationary pain!”
Steve at 31 minutes: https://youtu.be/S2OOMHnPDok?t=1855

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