From JFK to the New World Order

George Soros's Antifa has gone quiet after the U.S.presidential election of November 3rd. Or has it? Two Republican election board officials in Michigan reversed their opposition to certifying the election after threats were made to them and their families.

Coincidentally similar, transparent threats went viral and no doubt election supervisors in many other districts saw this as a message of vengeance if they dared to follow their conscience and stand up against election fraud.

You can be sure Antifa is moving hell and high water to ensure party discipline, as per the Open Society Foundation's objectives. They're busy. That's why they haven't been so active on the streets, except to swarm and threaten citizens who dared to rally in Washington DC and other cities in favor of fair and open elections.


Be careful what you wish for, is a trope in politics, especially when it means collaborating with anti-democratic forces for short-term objectives. The event of Nov 22, 1963, was a hair trigger, since when the willful destruction of the American political system has gone into overdrive. Like one of Shakespeare's tragedies, one murder required another until brother and son were silenced and all those involved shared the guilt and the spoils: LBJ, Nixon, Ford and the Bushes in particular. To this day only presidents Donald Trump and arguably Jimmy Carter were not connected to the assassins in some way.

I have no spur
To prick the sides of my intent, but only
Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself,
And falls on th'other. . . .

Unlike Macbeth, the presidents are not the progenitors but only the tip of the iceberg that we see. Those motivated to execute JFK had much more at stake: industries that required war and death; boondoggles that consumed subsidies and compliant politicians; and their own ambition to hammer the world on an anvil, into a shape that met their vaulting ambitions.

The public execution of John F Kennedy was the work of external influences as much as internal. The U.S. has long been the plaything of interests that show no loyalty to mere citizens or institutions. In their world the same person can run for president and also say "perhaps that 18th-century Constitution should be abandoned to a 20th-century paper shredder!”

These toxic vested interests may be home-reared, like the criminal Rockefeller combine or foreign, like the bankers hiding behind the red shield or star or whatever disguise suits their strategy of the day. What they have in common is their readiness to use America as a permanent factory of war - the wartime economy as much as the people.

Not only to drop them when they have served their purpose but to disassemble the economy on which they rely, to infiltrate society and destroy every one of its pillars - from family to fatherhood, selling a false promise to women and mothers that ends in loneliness and dependency, and attacking their children by promoting the dealing of drugs with a for-profit prison at the end of a one-way street.

When I first encountered the campaign of former LAPD detective Michael Ruppert against the Central Intelligence Agency's distribution of cocaine in inner city neighburhoods, I struggled to understand the mentality of those who would do such a thing. See Ruppert confront Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch John Deutsch 


George H.W. Bush came into focus through his involvement in the JFK assassination, which is beyond contention: his long preparation of the Cuban exiles cover story; his deliberate misdirection as to his whereabouts on Nov 22nd; his deliberate fingering of an innocent man; his attempt to misdirect FBI Director J.E. Hoover, recorded in Hoover's own memo; photographs of Bush in Dallas on the day; and his presence with his son in the long, thin line of the beneficiaries of butchery.

His motives bothered me. I tried to get inside his mind: was it that of an ultra-right-wing patriot who thought he was saving his nation through assassination? (I think of Bush's associate in El Salvador's death squads of the 1970s-80s Roberto D'Aubuisson who ordered the murder, as he celebrated mass, of Archibishop Oscar Romero).

Then I returned to the work of Michael Ruppert and Gary Webb who exposed how Bush and his CIA-FBI-LAPD cohort viewed the country's Black population as nothing more than disposable, to be turned into an internal market for crack cocaine so that Bush could finance his wars in Central America; so that the FBI could undermine the Black Panther movement and create fake, FBI-manufactured terrorists in order to push the domestic political agenda rightward (as a cover for the real direction in which the Rockefeller terrorists were moving the country?)

It goes on to this day. See Trevor Aaronson's The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism.

The LAPD built a computer database on the population from which it could not only track criminals but, arguably, cultivate them and use them in manufactured happenings for reasons much more nefarious than trying to justify a bigger police budget. The Manson familiy and the Symbionese Liberation Army came out of this. After the FBI's counter intelligence program CoIntelPro was exposed in 1971, the LAPD's files found their way to the Western Goals Foundation, linked to the John Birch Society and the World Anti-Communist League.


Here we veer into distraction. Researchers of the 1970s and 80s saw the John Birch Society as a hard-line wedge to build an authoritarian society -- and the CIA and the Council on Foreign Relations must have been happy for the Birchers to take the heat.

What we know today, however, casts a different light on those vested interests and we have a clearer view of who was seeking an authoritarian society in the service of their globalist masters.

See this interview with Western Goals founder Congressman Larry McDonald on the links between the CFR, the United Nations and the CIA. McDonald speaks to Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden, co-hosts of Crossfire.

I recommend following the words of Tom Braden with an ear to CNN journalists today, along with the rest of the Corporatist Media. The tone is identical, as is his urgency to deny a particular agenda.


Tom Braden was a CIA operative and journalist. In true Mockingbird media style, Braden quotes one of the CIA's own Mockingbird outlets, Newsweek, as if it is an independent source: "The John Birch Society considers communism only one arm of a master conspiracy in which socialist American insiders are plotting to establish world government."

Tom Braden: "That kind of silly, asinine statement is what makes people laugh at the John Birch Society."

Larry McDonald calls out Braden as a long-standing member of the Rockefeller apparatus and the Council on Foreign Relations. "You are fully aware that there is an elitist core in this country that has seen value in subsidizing communism - the Trilateral Commission, the CFR - and they've dominated the State Department for 40 years (speaking in 1983). Their objective is to try to bring about a gradual transition in our society, the dissolving of sovereignty and moving steadily to the left on the political spectrum. The IMF has been set up to facilitate that transfer of sovereignty and wealth. You are looking at a group that is working on the dissolution of sovereignty on the road to world government and certainly you are familiar with the work of professor Carroll Quigley who is a part of your club and he admitted all this and he said in his book Tragedy and Hope, 'the only thing I disagree with is that we have decided to keep it a secret'.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr, writing in 1947 (May/June 1947 issue of the Partisan Review) says, 'yes this is the hidden policy of America but we can't tell the American public because they're too unsophisticated to see the value'."

Tom Braden: "That's the silliest thing I've heard."

Larry McDonald: "Schlesinger wrote that objective was, through the steady erosion of new deals, we bring the American society steadily to the left and through the concept of benign containment we merge into the vital center of the socialist left."

Pat Buchanan argues that the objective of one-world government was originally behind the UN but had been abandoned by 1949. "Hasn't that idea been dissipated because no-one believes in the utopian ideal of world government anymore?"

Larry McDonald: "There are those who realize moving directly from a prototype of a UN into world government is tactically impossible but phasing out national sovereignty into regional government, and phasing out sovereignty into international treaties... "


Tom Brady asks if NATO is part of the conspiracy.

Larry McDonald: there are some in NATO who are committed to the defense of the West but you find a steady dissolution and a NATO policy dominated by State Department policy."

Tom Brady then lists the many pro-gun bodies of which Larry McDonald is a member.

Larry McDonald: "There is a real drive in this country to destroy the realization of the citizens that they have a constitutional right to bear arms."

On Ronald Reagan, Larry McDonald complains that his rhetoric goes one way, the actions another, with respect to inflation and weakening the dollar. On CIA Director William Casey, he says that Casey's previous job was technology transfer to the Soviet Union, the Kamaz factory project and the Export-Import Bank.

Tom Braden continues to ask, is this part of the conspiracy. Pat Buchanan accuses Brady of using the word conspiracy 45 times.
Tom Braden "It's the JBS that says its a conspiracy. I'm trying to find out what the conspiracy is. Who's in it and what agencies of government are in it."
Braden then claims not to have heard of Georgetown Prof Carroll Quigley, although both were members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

This week the New York Times blithely ignored the World Economic Forum's stated policy and declared: The baseless ‘Great Reset’ conspiracy theory rises again, Nov 17, 2020. The spirit of Tom Braden, CIA shill, stalks the corridors of the media.

Larry McDonald says look at your founder, Edward Mandell House, who wrote Philip Drew Administrator. What he envisaged was a world government along socialist lines as prescribed by Karl Marx. (House was President Woodrow Wilson's principal advisor though McDonald says House dominated Wilson, not the other way around).

The driving forces have been willing to collaborate, subsidize, transfer technology for what they feel is some kind of an accommodation, a merger and I submit this would be a disaster for the American republic.

Three months after the interview Larry McDonald was killed in the shooting down of KAL007

Larry McDonald on the New World Order. Pt 1/2 ( Pt 2/2 )

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